Childrens Security

Children's Ministry

The security of children is a priority to Southwest. In addition to our safety team, which is composed of members, medical staff, and law-enforcement personnel who attend Southwest, and to our security cameras which are located in various places around the building, we have other procedures in place to provide the most secure, safe, loving environment for your child to learn about Jesus.Checkin

All children from birth to 4th grade wear nametags upon entering their various areas. The matching nametag is presented by the parent when class is over to pick up their child. If the teachers or coordinators are ever unsure as to whether or not the child is allowed to go with a person, we will always err on the side of caution. Our children’s ministry team is committed to knowing our kids and their families. This, too, helps us in our security measures.

Also, every volunteer and minister in our children’s ministry has submitted and passed a background check. If there is every any doubt, we will not allow that person to work in our children’s ministry. While we believe that God does offer beautiful forgiveness (and we, too, are called to forgive), we do not take the safety and well-being of our children lightly.

We recognize that some children might have behavioral or emotional issues that could cause a safety issue to the rest of our children. Should a situation like that arise, the child would be removed from the area immediately and taken to his/her parents so as to ensure the safety and well-being of the other children and of that child.

Children's Ministry