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Gary was born in Amarillo, the oldest of three brothers. He attended school graduating from Pampa High School, ending the only four years he and his family lived outside of Amarillo. He played varsity tennis and was trainer for the basketball team. He and his brothers were very good friends with Randy Matson. Randy is known for his trip to the Olympics and winning a gold medal in the discus. He is better known to Jessica Camp, Russell’s wife, as Dad. Russell, Jessica and family have been members here at Southwest for many years.

After high school, Gary attended Amarillo Junior College and received an associate degree in history and physical education. He then attended West Texas State College graduating with a master’s degree in education. He taught elementary physical education for about ten years.

Gary and Judy met on a blind date in the dark ages of 1972. She had graduated from Harding College and eventually made her way back to the Panhandle. Gary’s brother and wife, Wayne and Karla Storrs had more than a little to do with the blind date. In 1975, Gary and Judy were blessed with the addition of their daughter, Holly, and then in 1977, their son Shane.

In addition to teaching, Gary worked in the fast-food business with Mr. Burger and Long John Silver. He lately retired from BSA having worked in shipping and receiving. His real love for a job started some 20 years ago when he first began working in the prison ministry by mentoring in the Clements Unit. During the time he has been involved in this ministry, he has taught classes at both the Neal and Clements Units, taught in the Faith Based Dorm several years, and now works with men in high security visiting with them cell-side. When Covid interrupted our lives as we knew them, visits to the prisons were not allowed. That brought on a different emphasis to prison ministry, corresponding by letter. Correspondence continues to be a good ministry as well as back to working in high security one day a week. When someone asks him to, Gary will also visit the county jails. He has a huge heart for these men who have messed up their lives and need to know that Jesus still loves them.

Gary has been an elder at Southwest for 4 years. God has changed his life more than he would have ever imagined. Both Gary and Judy love Southwest church and the love that is shared there.

Gary's Q&A...
What is an interesting fact about you?

My partner and I won second place in men's doubles in the Western Junior Athletic Conference.

What are your hobbies?

fishing; baseball; football

What do you do for a living?

Retired; Prison Ministry

Greatest accomplishment?

I would rather call this my greatest opportunity than accomplishment - baptizing three of my six grandsons.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?


Favorite foods?

Mexican Food

Favorite music?

old hymns and contemporary praise songs - Our God is Alive

Favorite vacation?

Mountains in Colorado

Favorite book (other than the Bible)?

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Favorite Bible verse?

I John 5:10

Mac or PC?


If you could share just one of Jesus' teachings with someone what would it be?

the woman at the well and forgiveness

Favorite moment at Southwest?

When Ron Allen introduced me to the prison ministry

What do you love about Southwest?

The love that is shared among its members and for the lost.

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