Student Ministry

Student Ministry Trek Groups

Our primary pursuit of community occurs in our weekly Trek Groups. It is our prayer that as students encounter authentic Christian connection with each other and with their adult leaders that an unmistakable atmosphere of transformation will begin to occur.We believe that this atmosphere will be one in which every student is:

  • ACCEPTED where they are.
    Where vulnerability with each other is the standard mode of operation.
  • TAUGHT about following Jesus.
    How to live truth, instead of simply believing the truth.
  • MODELED as to what followers look like.
    See what it means to mature in Christ. To lead in love * to submit * to rejoice * to confess * to repent * to seek the face of God * to mourn * to live as Christ.
  • CHALLENGED to become a follower.
    Transforming challenges will regularly be shared with each other. Sin will be confronted. Growth will be expected. And the challenge will be welcomed * allowing for the victory to be celebrated.
  • REMINDED why they follow.
    Remember and retell how Jesus has touched and changed our lives.
  • ACCOMPANIED on the journey.
    Students will be continually invited to join in natural life sharing moments. They will play together, serve together and each other, and share friends; they will do life together.
  • FREED to be followers.
    Our lives will be slower than ever and fuller than ever. Relationship with God and each other will be the consistently held up goals.
  • CELEBRATED in every step.
    We will consistently have intentional moments of celebration in the groups.
  • INVITED to become a follower.
    People will be called to more than a one time response but to a new way to live

Trek Guides

The intimate communities we are pursuing through Trek Groups are completely dependant on our team of Trek Guides. This group of leaders is committed to shepherd and mentor our students personally, as they journey further toward intimacy with Christ and each other. These leaders are the physical expression of Christ to our students and they are the true power behind our ministry.