Our Environments


Sunday Gatherings - Each week, individuals and small groups that are connected with Southwest, from all over our area join to worship together and learn from teachings from the Bible. Our Sunday gatherings are designed to create an atmosphere in which we:

  • Focus on God’s love for us expressed through His son Jesus.
  • Equip and inspire those in attendance to engage in a relationship with God and spiritual relationships with other believers. (small groups).
  • Equip and inspire believers to engage relationally with those outside of Christ in our community.

For more information on our Sunday gatherings, click the “what to expect” link below.
Family Gatherings - We also have periodic gatherings of the entire church or different segments in the church to increase our family ties. These are special events that create a fun and healthy social atmosphere where our church family can be together to “just be” with family for family sake. You can check our church calendar for these events.